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10 Amazing Ways to Have a Less Stressful Life

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Having a less stressful life is the key to longevity. When you have less worries and tension, you’ll be happier and healthier.

But having a less stressful life is challenging in today’s modern world. We live in a time when we are prone to develop bad habits such as overworking and unhealthy eating.

So, if your life seems overwhelming and filled with stress, it’s time to make a few changes in your life.

Here are a few tips on how to live a less stressful life.

1. Handle challenges and tasks one at a time.

We live in a time when multi-tasking is highly encouraged. Multitasking can increase your productivity over a short period of time. But, in the long run, it could lead to stress and anxiety. So, to reduce the level of your stress, it’s important to do one thing at a time. Pick one specific task to work on and focus on it. Make sure to eliminate distractions such as email and phone notifications while you are working on an important report.

2. Do not put too many tasks on your plate.

To live a happy and stress-free life, you must learn to simplify your schedule. Do not put too many items on your “to do” list and learn to prioritize what’s important.

3. Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise can help you live a less stressful life. Every day, do something that you truly enjoy. You can hike, walk, run, do yoga, or play ball with your friends. Physical exercise helps prevent the production of stress hormones in your body and it helps release happy hormones such as endorphins.

4. Make one healthy lifestyle change in a month.

Make one healthy lifestyle change every day for a month. You can quit smoking or give up meat. You can also drink fruit infused water instead of soda. But, it’s important to do only one healthy change at a time.

5. Practice relaxation techniques.

To decrease stress, do things that will calm down your nerves. It can be a bubble bath, reading a good book, or even morning sex.

6. Organize your finances.

Financial problems are the most common causes of stress. So, it’s great to create a budget and stick to it. Also, make sure to set aside 10% of your income every month. This way, you’ll have an emergency fund.

7. Do artistic stuff.

Doing activities that tap your creativity is a great way to live a less stressful life. You can write, paint, or sketch.

8. Declutter your personal and work space.

Clutter can stress you out so it’s best to de-clutter your work and personal space regularly. Every day, spend 10 to 20 minutes organizing your space and your schedule.

9. Wake up early.

Waking up early every morning has a lot of benefits. It allows you to accomplish a lot of things. It also prevents cramming and stress.

10. Have fun.

This is essential in living a less stressful life. Take time to do fun activities and make it a habit to go out with your friends. Also, travel while you can. You only have one life, live it to the fullest.

Happiness is a choice, choose Happiness

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Uncategorized |

At this period, the world is lucky enough to discover that happiness is a choice. Various psychological researches have proven the fact that your emotions can be altered, by changing your attitude towards it.

It is true that to some degree, mood and behavior is affected by genetics and environment. But taking an effort to try and think more positively can make a difference.

The mind is programmed to store negative experiences in the long term memory so that it can be avoided in the future. It is a defense mechanism for survival. However, a person can choose to wallow on negativity or think more of the bright side from every experience.

Choose Happiness, Happiness is a Choice.

Make happiness the first priority in your life.

Choose to think of happy thoughts, linger on positive moments, be thankful of the little blessings you have, treasure experiences whether good or bad and learn something from it.

If you become overwhelmed of some nasty experiences, try to relax, silence your mind, and contemplate for a while. Listen to happy music or do some activities that can make you happy. Try to make yourself smile. Smiling is communicable. It can not only affect you, but also those around you.

According to Tom G. Stevens, Ph.D., author of You Can Choose to Be Happy, “Choose to take advantage of opportunities to learn how to be happy. For example, reprogram your beliefs and values. Learn good self-management skills, good interpersonal skills, and good career-related skills. Choose to be in environments and around people that increase your probability of happiness. The persons who become the happiest and grow the most are those who also make truth and their own personal growth primary values.”

Practice gratefulness. Try to appreciate simple things that give you happiness. People with so much gratitude tend to achieve happiness in simple things and in simple life experiences.

Pursue being happy. A person that cultivates positivity becomes more successful, creative and productive. A positive mind-set can make you perform explicitly better in the face of unfavorable circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to allow yourself be happy. According to Bronnie Ware, the author of the Top Five Regrets of the Dying, most people he came across on their death beds say that they regret not letting themselves be happy. Most people think that their life’s purpose is to make their love ones happy while forgetting their own. Remember that it is your responsibility also to allow yourself to become happy.
Being compassionate and kind to yourself and others produces self- fulfillment. Avoid bad-mouthing, being harsh or using a lot of negative thoughts and actions to yourself and others on your everyday life. Train your mind to be more sensitive of the good stuffs rather than the bad ones. Try to put humor into things.

Therefore, being positive is a choice. Choosing to be happy can be controlled by you, all you have to do is Choose Happiness. Be the master of your own mind. You cannot always change the environment but you can change your attitude towards things. Adaptation is the key to survival. Life is simple, if you think of it as that.

11 Superb Ways on How to Have a Happy Day

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Self Improvement, Uncategorized |

How to have a happy day? You do not have to look anywhere else. Just look at yourself. Happiness is within you. Happiness is a choice. It begins by being good to yourself. If you want to be one of the happiest people in the world, then try giving yourself something delightful each day. This way, you’ll always be reminded of self-worth. Also, learn to set boundaries to things you don’t want to do in the first place.

Here are 11 ways on how to have a happy day:

1. Commit to treating yourself something nice every day. Commitment is something that should start within us. Pledge to show love to yourself no matter how big or small it is. Being committed to treating yourself with life’s pleasures helps you be motivated and determined.

2. Talk to yourself. Talking to yourself is normal. Listen to yourself as you talk. Do you think negatively more often? Do you have low self-confidence? Talking to yourself avoids you from being pessimistic.

3. Forgive yourself. If you always blame yourself for all the wrongs you did in life, then it’s time to forgive yourself. Loving yourself is accepting that you are imperfect. You can have a happy day by forgiving your own imperfections and shortfalls.

4. Learn to accept who you are. No matter what body type you have and no matter how big or small you look, you should learn to accept your true-self. Loving yourself brings out the best in you. Loving yourself also means accepting the success and income you have, however low or high it is. But above all, the most important thing is that you are happy on what you are doing.

5. Get rid of toxic people. Whether in your personal life or workplace, you should eliminate toxic people who make you unhappy. This step may be quite difficult, but putting up with people who consistently do unkind things is unbecoming of being happy.

6. Take care of your health. Take vitamins, necessary supplements, and exercise. People who are craving for sugary treats are normal; don’t be hard on yourself.

7. Eat regularly. Skipping meal is such an unloving thing to do. Eat regularly on a daily basis. Neuroscience has it proven that stress signals get into our brain when blood sugar sinks. As much as possible, have a healthy snack at your desk.

8. Go out and breathe. Simple breathing exercise does wonders in the body. It makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. So, whenever you’re feeling stressed and burned out, just go out and breathe. Having a happy day also means relaxation and peace. Here are some tips.

9. Get some space. In your personal places such as your room and your office desk, see to it that there’s a welcoming space. For a calmer vibe, only use the things you need and keep away those that you don’t.

10. Love the sunlight. Working or staying in dark spaces is very inconvenient and unloving. It is always better to work under natural light. Also, get yourself a walk under the sun. Sometimes, learning how to have a happy day is just as simple as walking your stress away.

11. Spoil yourself with premium products. Most of the time, we spend more for others than we spend for ourselves. We buy branded products for others while we settle ourselves for the cheap ones. It is also good to spend yourself some premium products as it reinforces that you’re worth more.

These are some tips on how to have a happy day. Start making it happen. Have a happy day ahead!


Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Self Improvement |


Since there are so many people on this planet and all of them are different, it is often hard to establish the rules which would be universal and which could be applied to all of them. Different people have different preferences, ideas and dreams, and their different characters and personalities can come in a wide range of “colors”.

This is the main reason why experts and gurus like to have personal approach when clients ask them for help, i.e. when they want to learn how to be happy. Without that close contact and deep understanding of desires and goals it is very hard to help someone, no matter how hard you may try.

However, there are some tips&tricks and sets of instructions which are often used when people want to become better version of themselves, and this course of learning how to be happy is very important on so many levels. People need happiness in order to be satisfied and lead an inspiring and positive life, which implies that they will also be good members of the society and that they will help to make this world a better place, at least on some way. This social component of one’s lifestyle is often neglected and ignored, but it has a large significance if we take a look at the bigger picture.

Little tips & tricks about happiness

The importance of self-improvement is therefore very high, and people all over the world have began to realize how many benefits come from self-development and that constant progress is the key to a satisfied person.



Self-improvement is actually a very wide idea, and this term has multiple meanings and covers a range of smaller areas, but most experts agree that the process of personal growth through some kind of effort can be categorized as the process of self-improvement. Some of the most usual directions which self-improvement can go are concerned with improvements of one’s financial or social status, abilities, health, education or mental state.

All of those areas are very important in one’s goals of reaching their full potential and becoming the best version of themselves. Also, people use self-development to become more organized, more productive, or more confident, and all of those goals are designed to keep them moving forward and not to stagnate in life.

All of this means that self-development process should take a priority in your life as soon as possible, since this activity can change your life for the better and open a whole range of new possibilities. Personal growth can cause you to see the world in the new light, and it will almost surely make you a happier person, which is something we all want.


The road of self-discovery is the first one to take, and people who want to improve themselves need to explore their goals and their purpose in life first, and then decide if they will be serious in their idea of self-improvement. If they are, everything will be easy and smooth sailing awaits, which means that small daily goals will be conquered easily, if there is enough desire and dedication.

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